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Down Dog Bags was created out of my adoration for my dog Tofino, who passed away at just 7 years young from lymphoma in 2023. 


The idea originally came from reminiscing the earliest backpacking trip I can remember was when I was 8.  We took my dog at that time, Kemah, with us to the Wind River River range in Wyoming. We couldn’t find her one morning in camp, and realized she had crawled into the foot of my dad’s sleeping bag because she was cold.  


Fast forward 20 years to when I was living in New Mexico and backpacking with Tofino whenever I could.  One night we were huddled up in my tent, winds gusting and temps dropping. She had her dog coat on and was sleeping on the two person sleeping pad I bought for us to share. The winds picked up, it started snowing, and she got cold despite all her fluff and her synthetic dog coat. 


So I ended up taking off my down jacket and putting her legs through the arms and the hood up over the top of her head and it made a huge difference. That was about 5 minutes before our tent poles broke in the wind storm, and our tent completely collapsed, but you know, it worked. 


After that, I scoured the internet for a good down sleeping bag for dogs and just couldn’t find anything.  There are lots of dog sleeping bags on the market, but most are bulky, heavy, and don’t compress well at all.  So I decided to make them.  I made one for her, and then some of my friends wanted one, and then I realized that this was such a fun process, using a creative part of my brain that I don't really get to use at my normal job, so I decided to make it into my pandemic project, and everything fell into place from there. 

We are currently an Oregon-based company that focuses on custom-made down sleeping bags for dogs.  Unlike the synthetic counterparts, our bags are made from RDS certified goose down and are compressible, lightweight, and small enough that your dog can actually carry in his or her own pack, with room to spare. 

Our bags are hand made to fit a range of dog sizes and are highly customizable. The bags are made with high quality technical outdoor fabric and filled with 700-900fp.  Need something ultralight for your through hike with your dog?  We've got you covered.  If you see something that doesn’t work for your pup or you want a custom design, shoot me an email or DM on Instagram and I’ll do my best to work with you to get your adventure buddy what they need.  

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