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Down Dog Bags was inspired by backpacking trips with my dog Tofino.  Over and over, she would try to steal my sleeping bag.  More times than I can count, I’d dress her in my down coat and give her my extra clothing to sleep on, but she’d still try to crawl in my bag.  Being a 70lb lab and golden mix, there’s no way we'd both fit.  


Enter Down Dog Bags.  I scoured the internet for a high quality, compressible dog sleeping bag that she use and carry in her own pack.  There are lots of dog sleeping bags on the market, but most are bulky, heavy, and don’t compress well at all.  


Our bags are hand made to fit a range of dog sizes and are highly customizable. The bags are made with high quality technical outdoor fabric and filled with 700-1000fp RDS Certified Down.  Need something ultralight for your through hike with your dog?  We've got you covered.  If you see something that doesn’t work for your pup or you want a custom design, shoot me an email or DM on Instagram and I’ll do my best to work with you to get your adventure buddy what they need.  

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